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Are you worried that ordering custom awards is tough, filled with tricky choices and complex steps?

What if the process could be straightforward, similar to selecting a product from a shelf? At Badges And Medals, we understand your concerns, and strive to make our ordering process as simple and clear as possible.

We've helped thousands of people, just like you, place their orders without any stress or confusion. How do we do it? We assign each customer a dedicated account manager who does most of the legwork for you. All you need to do is follow four simple steps, which we will walk you through in this article, so that you can order awards quickly and easily. Let’s begin!

A diagram summarising Badges And Medals' award ordering process from start to finish..

4 Steps To Ordering With Badges And Medals

Step 1: Contact the Badges And Medals team

The first step is to reach out to our friendly and dedicated team.

Just pop open your email and send us a hello at support@badgesandmedals.com, or if you prefer, fill out the handy contact form on our website. It's okay if you don't have all the details of your awards order figured out yet - your account manager will help you sort them later on.

Here's the information we need to move on to the next step:

  • Your contact details. Let us know the best way to reach you.

  • Your event date. Knowing the event date allows us to provide you with the best possible customer service. By working backwards from your event date, we can figure out if we have enough time to design, produce and deliver your custom awards. If the timeline is tight, we can explore options like expedited production or shipping to meet your needs. Conversely, if there's ample time, we can delve deeper into customisation options or enhancements you might not have thought of.
  • Your award requirements. At the bare minimum, we need to know what award you're after and how many you'd like. For example, "I'd like 200x challenge coins." However, the more details you include, the easier it will be for our team to generate your free quote. Consider jotting down the size, colour, or material you're after.

  • Your delivery address. Let us know where to send the order.

You could also include the following information in your email if you have it:

  • Your awards budget. Knowing your budget upfront saves us from proposing ideas beyond your event's financial reach, saving you time and frustration.

  • Your event's name. This helps us with design research.

  • Your brand guidelines. This helps us align your award's design with your values.

Otherwise, move on to the next step!

Step 2: Receive your free quote

Get ready for some great news in your inbox!

Your designated account manager will whip up a quick, free quote for you and send it over within just one working day of you reaching out to us. The quote includes a detailed breakdown of what your order will cost, aside from your shipping charges, which we calculate on the day the awards are posted. All Badges And Medals quotes are valid for a month, giving you and your team time to decide without added pressure.

Once you accept the quote, move on to the fun part - the award's design!

Step 3: Receive your free award design

It's time for you to unleash your imagination and share any design ideas you have with your account manager. Your account manager will then work with our in-house team of talented designers to bring your vision to life, saving you time, stress and confusion. If you're short on design ideas, check out our article, 'Top 5 Places To Find Medal Design Ideas.'

Here's an example of a design storyboard you could send to us:

A collage of design ideas for Badges And Medals' custom medal.

The team will start by creating some initial mock-ups based on your input.

Think of this as the sketching phase, where we play with ideas to see what resonates with you. We will then send these to you for approval. Don't hold back on feedback; our design process is about collaboration. We're here to tweak and refine the artwork until it's just what you envisioned – and guess what? This whole process is free.

Here's an example of an initial mock-up we might send you:

An example of a Badges And Medals medals mock-up.

Step 4 (OPTIONAL): Receive a sample

If you want to see what your design looks like in person, we can send a sample to your door. 

There are two types of samples that we have on offer:

  • The first are samples of awards that we've previously made. This is great for when you've got your design down-pat, but want to check whether the materials or colours you've chosen look good in person. We offer this service free of charge.
  • The second is a sample of your desired award, allowing you to see what the finished product would look like. This is a great option if you've got a bit of time up your sleeve. This service is free of charge if you decide to go ahead with the order. However, if you don't, you'll be charged a sample fee to cover the cost of making it.

Here's an example of a sample we might send you, based off the previous design:

A custom medal made for Badges And Medals.

Step 4: Place your order

Here comes the grand finale of your ordering journey – actually placing the order!

Once your design is just right and has your approval, it’s time to make it official. Just confirm with your account manager that you’re ready to proceed. It usually takes three working days to reach this step from the time you contacted us.

Step 5: Wait for your awards to arrive

Time to sit back and relax! Our dedicated team of specialists will start on your order the moment it's placed. How quickly it takes us to deliver it to you comes down to what type of custom award you picked and how complicated your order is to make.

Your account manager will provide you with an estimated delivery date when you place your order; however, you can also look at this timeline to see when they should arrive:

A diagram showing how long it takes to order custom awards from Badges And Medals.

Begin your journey!

We hope this detailed walk-through has left you with a crystal-clear understanding of how to order awards from Badges And Medals. If you find yourself with questions or are ready to place your order, remember, we're only a message away. We have helped countless organisations order high-quality awards, and we're eager to extend that support to you. Reach out to the Badges And Medals team today using this quick and easy form and start your award journey!

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