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Your medal design can make or break your event!

Does the design of an medal really matter? If you're an event organiser, you've probably wrestled with this question more than once in your career. Sure, the focus of your event is a competition or celebration, but how much does the actual medal contribute to its success?

At Badges And Medals, we know the answer is "a lot more than you might think".

We've helped thousands of clients craft medals and have seen first-hand the transformative power of a good design. It catapults events from 'ordinary' to 'extraordinary' by benefiting everyone involved - from the medal's recipients to the sponsors who support the event, down to the event itself.

Join us as we lay out what good medal design is and how exactly it benefits your event, demonstrating why investing in design is not just good practice but an essential event strategy.

What is a 'good' medal design?

'Good' medal design, like most types of beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. It can depend on what you like, where you're from, how old you are, and what the medal is for. But there are some common design elements that most people will agree contribute to a 'good' medal design:

  • It should be easy to handle, display and transport. So, nothing too heavy or too fragile.
  • It should look different from other medals.
  • It should resonate with recipients and make them feel proud of their achievements.

Infographic showing the three components of good award design: aesthetic appeal, emotional stimulation, and practical design.

How does good medal design benefit your event? 

  • Enhances the event's value

Imagine you're choosing between two events, which both cost the same. You've caught a glimpse of the medals that each event intends to offer, and one outshines the other in design. Which event would you choose? Let's be honest: most of us answered "the one with the better design".
Why? Because the well-crafted medal suggests that the event is more professional, has higher standards, or is more important than its counterpart. It also feels like you're getting more bang for your buck, because you’re getting a higher-quality medal for the same amount of money as the other event’s low-quality medal. This, in turn, ups the event’s perceived value and makes it more appealing to attend.

  • Promotes event branding

Medals are like walking billboards. Each is an opportunity to splash your event's brand – logo, colours, theme – right into participants' hands. A well-designed medal takes that opportunity and runs with it.

Every time your participants look at their medals, they remember your event and tie it to the emotions they felt when they received it. Whenever non-participants see the medal, it sparks curiosity and recognition, further extending your event's brand reach. It's a subtle yet powerful way of keeping your event alive in people's minds long after it's over, turning each medal into an advert.

  • Encourages future participation

Have you ever seen a friend wearing a stylish shirt and thought, "Wow, I want one too!" Before you know it, you've not only bought the shirt but started keeping tabs on the company's upcoming launches. That's the magic of a distinctive design - it hooks your attention and sparks a desire to connect.

This is even truer for medals. They're not something you can buy, and often they're limited editions because their design changes each year. When people see the impressive medals being given out at an event they weren't a part of, they think, "I have to be there next time."

Nike Melbourne Marathon runners pose with their custom medals.
Good medal design can inspire participants to publicise your event on social media. CREDIT: Nike Melbourne Marathon

  • Increases social media attention

In the era of social media, a visually striking medal can be your ticket to online fame. Leading up to the event, such an medal can fuel anticipation, boost ticket sales, and draw media interest.

Then, when the event occurs, the medal takes on a new life online. Its recipients become your unintentional event ambassadors by flaunting their medal on their social feeds (which they're far more likely to do if it's a visually appealing addition to their profiles). Every post is a splash of free advertising, promoting your event across countless timelines. It’s a masterstroke in marketing!

  • Boosts participant motivation

Think back to the last race you watched. You could almost feel the runners' exhaustion as they neared the finish line. But what keeps them going? Knowing that there's a unique and attractive medal waiting at the finish line can motivate participants to push harder and perform better. They become driven by the desire to attain not just the physical medal but the feelings of pride and accomplishment that come with it. This increases an event's competitiveness and excitement, making the event more thrilling for competitors and spectators.

  • Encourages positive reviews

Imagine the sense of satisfaction that comes from your hard work being recognised with a beautifully crafted medal. Naturally, you'd be eager to share this experience with everyone.

Research indicates that receiving an excellent product is the main reason people leave reviews. Once you nail the 'excellence' aspect (aka the design), sparking reviews becomes much simpler. These reviews are incredibly valuable - they're often seen as more trustworthy and influential than traditional advertising.

  • Reflects the event’s unique identity

Every event is like a person, with its own personality and style. A well-designed medal showcases this uniqueness. Think of it like wearing a signature outfit to a party – it sets your event apart from everyone else, gives everyone an idea of its personality, and makes your event more memorable. Whether it's the shape, colours, or material, a good medal tells people, "This is what we're about". 

Find design inspiration:

So there you have it: an medal's design truly does matter. It's a critical element that adds value to your event, enhances its reputation, and enriches the experience for everyone involved. At Badges And Medals, we understand this significance, having helped thousands of clients transform their designs from standard to stand-out.

Now that you've learnt 'why' medal design matters, discover the 'where'. Don't miss out on our guide, 'Top 5 Places To Find Medal Design Inspiration,' and take the first step towards designing an medal that truly benefits your event.

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