Multiple people join together to hold up a single custom medal.Badges And Medals prides itself on being an ethical business. Find out why!

Choosing an ethical award supplier can be a real challenge. Finding someone who doesn't just talk the talk but also walks the walk can feel frustratingly like searching for a needle in a haystack. Many of the industry’s practices are rooted in tradition and sometimes so are its ethics.

But not at Badges And Medals. Our approach is grounded in the future. 

We believe that awards should be made in a way that is right and fair for both people and the environment. That's why we've set new benchmarks in ethical practices, from our manufacturing processes to our environmental footprint and how we look after our staff and global community.

When it comes down to it, we aim to do business in a way that:

  • Makes people aware of their environmental impact.
  • Helps to protect and regenerate the planet.
  • Upholds the rights of workers and keeps them safe.

In this article, you will discover why choosing Badges And Medals for your next event isn't just a good choice but the right one. You'll learn how our awards align with your style and echo your commitment to ethical standards, ensuring that every choice reflects your taste and values.

Ways that Badges And Medals is ethical

  1. We create positive change worldwide:

In 2023, we donated $33,500 to help or sponsor charities and community groups as they carried out their important activities. We plan to donate $85,000 in 2024.

We're also helping to break the cycle of poverty and reduce ocean waste by partnering with Plastic Bank. For every medal we send out, individuals in low-income areas remove the equivalent of two plastic bottles from the ocean. So far, we've empowered 135 individuals in 44 communities to remove 1,136,400 bottles or 22.7 tonnes of plastic. That's the same weight as two London double-decker buses! People exchange the plastic at recycling points for income and benefits such as food, school tuition, and insurance.

Three adult African elephants walk among thousands of plastic bottles.So far we’ve removed 22.7 tonnes of plastic from the oceans - the same weight as three adult elephants!

  1. We prioritise transparency:

At Badges And Medals, being transparent is a key part of who we are. We're all about giving you the facts on how we do things and what impact we have on the world. Why? Because we believe that when you know what's going on, you can make smart decisions. 

That’s why we started our educational blog. Through this platform, we share insights about how awards are priced, design tips and tricks, and a whole lot more. It's more than just a blog; it's a window into the heart of the award industry, ensuring you have all the information needed to make informed choices. 

Together, we can create a more sustainable, honest, and beautiful world, one award at a time.

  1. We support ethical suppliers:

We want to give our money to suppliers who share our commitment to doing good. That's why before signing with a new supplier, we do our homework. We use a strict set of sustainability and ethical criteria to determine the impact it has on its workers and the environment. 

At the least, our suppliers must be:

  • Compliant with local laws.
  • Providing employees with fair wages and safe working conditions.
  • Respectful of human rights, such as freedom from discrimination, harassment and exploitation.
  • Committed to reducing their carbon footprint and using sustainable or recyclable materials.

We prefer suppliers certified for responsible labour and sustainability practices.

We will not work with suppliers who partake in human rights abuses, including forced or child labour.

Our suppliers must agree to our policies before we begin working with them. A copy of our 'Ethical Manufacturing And Sub-Contracting Policy' is available on our website, if you want to learn more.

About 95 percent of our materials come from two main suppliers. Here's how they're doing:

A graphic showing that Badges And Medals' suppliers have good ethics.

Currently, we get our cargo boxes from a supplier who gives some of the money they make to help families who can't afford school supplies for their kids.

  1. We look after the environment:

Our commitment to the environment is not a statement; it's how we do business. We've embedded sustainability into every facet of our operations. Below are some of our practices and how they benefit the world. Or, for an in-depth look at our sustainability practices, read ‘Is Badges And Medals Sustainable?’

    • We make our products to order.
      By adopting a 'sell first, then produce' model, we cut the creation of surplus stock. This saves the environment from the harm we'd cause by making, moving, and storing extra items.

    • Most of our awards come from sustainable or recyclable materials.
      Our metal crests, challenge coins, badges, and most of our medals are zinc alloy, which is recyclable. We make half of our metal medals from zinc alloy that has already been recycled! Our wooden awards are either recycled timber, sustainably sourced basswood, or wood sourced from a supplier with a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. This proves that the wood has been harvested sustainably. 

    • We use green production practices.
      We run our offices with 80 to 85 per cent renewable energy. We buy materials locally, where we can, to minimise transport pollution. We make long-lasting award moulds, not disposable ones. We recycle our leftover metal at a metal recycling facility, and our employees take home and reuse our waste wood.

    • We support eco-friendly suppliers.
      Our top two suppliers train their workers to protect the environment, recycle water, watch how much they affect the environment, and set goals to reduce harm. One of them has the ISO14001:2015 certification, meaning it has certified plans to reduce its environmental impact. The other supplier makes their products from recycled materials.

    • About 80 percent of our packaging consists of reused, sustainable, or recyclable materials.
      We use cardboard boxes made from 100 percent recycled materials. Around half of our products come in recyclable, unprinted paper. We plan to extend this practice to all items by 2025.

    • We offset our carbon emissions.
      We help contribute to forest restoration through our partnership with the non-profit environmental charity One Tree Planted. It plants one tree in the Pacific region for every 100 medals we sell, once we get the go-ahead from our client. We also buy carbon offset credits with every freight shipment we order. We invest these in projects that restore or absorb the same level of carbon emissions our shipment produced.

A graphic showing that Badges And Medals' wood is all sustainably sourced.All of our timber is sustainability sourced.

  1. We prioritise employee well-being:

At Badges And Medals, we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to our most valuable asset: our employees. They are the heart of our business. We believe that when our employees are healthy and happy, our company does better. This is because they work more effectively and feel more satisfied with their jobs. That’s why our ethical policies pay special attention to their mental and physical health. We also offer our employees:

  • Access to free snacks and drinks.
  • Generous and flexible vacation days.
  • Comfortable, safe and efficient workspaces.
  • Flexible work hours or remote work options.
  • Free team-building activities and social events.
  • Bonuses to recognise their efforts and achievements.
  • Professional development opportunities, such as training or career advancements.
  • Surveys to hear and improve upon employee needs, concerns and satisfaction levels.
  1. We pay our staff fair wages:

Badges And Medals pay staff no less than the living wage in the countries they operate in.

The living wage is the amount needed for a person to have a good life, covering costs like housing, food, travel, and healthcare. The minimum wage is the lowest legal amount an employer can pay. 

We want our employees to live, not survive.

Paying our staff no less than the living wage reflects our commitment to the well-being of our employees. It contributes to their financial stability and job satisfaction. We take pride in the fact that the majority of our staff receive wages well above the living wage of the country they're in, underscoring their value.

Some of the Badges And Medals team.Just some of the Badges And Medals team!

  1. We create a diverse and inclusive environment:

We take various measures to ensure that our workplace is welcoming and supportive for individuals from all walks of life. Our team currently has 16 people from several countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, the UK, South Africa, and the Philippines. It's a dynamic group where gender balance is a reality, with women representing half of our workforce. 

Half of our staff are also parents and two work from home!

Here are several ways we foster diversity, equity and inclusion at Badges And Medals:

  • Our commitment begins with our hiring process. We make sure our job ads are fair, look for people from all kinds of backgrounds, and have a diverse group of people choosing who gets hired.
  • We encourage the use of inclusive language in and out of work. We avoid stereotypes and use language that respects everyone. This makes our workplace a place where everyone feels valued.
  • We provide equal opportunities for all our employees. Everyone in our team, no matter who they are or where they come from, gets the same chances to grow, learn, and get support.
  • We acknowledge and celebrate cultural events and holidays important to our team.
  • We allow flexible work hours and remote work. This helps employees balance their work and home lives.
  • We have strict rules against unfair treatment, bullying, or harassment because of someone's race, gender, who they like, age, ability, or any other characteristic. These rules are in each employee’s contract and are available on our team's online platform and upon request. We enforce and uphold these rules.
  • We have an anonymous suggestion box so employees can report ethical concerns.
  • We have a non-retaliation policy. This policy makes sure our employees feel safe when they report any wrongdoings. They know they won't be punished, demoted, fired, harassed, or mistreated for being honest and speaking up about ethical problems.
  • We support ongoing education and personal growth. We not only encourage our staff to expand their knowledge beyond their current roles, but also support their learning financially by covering the costs of relevant courses.
  • We share our financial information with all of our staff to improve transparency.
  1. We give our employees ethics training:

Our employees undergo ethics training twice a year. This helps them better understand and stick to our company's ethical rules. The training teaches them to make good choices, be responsible, and act with integrity, which helps us maintain very high standards of behaviour at work.

Create a better future!

In today's world, picking an award supplier isn't just about price and quality. It's about choosing a company that shares your values. So, if you're searching for a company that delivers exceptional products and has high ethical standards, your search ends here.

With Badges And Medals, you get more than just beautiful awards. You now know that you also get a partner who cares about the planet, the global community, fair work and happy employees.

Contact our sales team for a free quote or design consultation on your next order. Let's work together to bring your vision to life, reflecting your commitment to excellence and a fairer, greener future.

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